Katie-NicholsKatie Nichols, an unstable woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, confessed to the attempted murder of her mother. The entire confession was caught on video by a local news crew -  Nichols claims that she was defending herself against a satanic cult of which her mom is the ring leader.

“I had to kill her – she was going to kill both of us. She was so powerful, I had no idea – I had no idea that my mother was that powerful,” said Nichols.

She stuffed a sock in her mom’s mouth and attempted to tie her up. She then strangled her until she lost consciousness, and then proceeded to stab her in the neck, chest and stomach using scissors and two knives.

Nichols is currently being held in the Knox County Jail on charges of attempted first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.

levitationParanormal levitation is the act of rising a human body into the air by supernatural means. It features in various religions – from Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism to Christianity. I waged through hours of terrible (obviously fake) YouTube videos to find these 3 legitimate-looking examples.

sarahSarah is a normal girl except for the fact that she has down’s syndrome and builds traps in her garden to catch animals. This does not end so well. Personally – I’d like to see more from “Sarah” the down’s syndrome psychopath.

IMG_1403In African mythology, a Tokoloshe is a dwarf-like, mischievous and evil spirit. Tokoloshes are called upon by malevolent people to cause trouble for others. At its least harmful a tokoloshe can be used to scare children, but its power extends to causing illness and even death upon the victim. Die Antwoord and VICE talked to crime reporters at the The Daily Sun, people on the streets of Johannesburg, and even sangomas (witch doctors) about the Tokoloshe’s origins.

For heavens sake catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself3 brutal murders, torture, truth serums and recanted confessions – the strange case of William Heirens, a.k.a “The Lipstick Killer”

William Heirens was found guilty in 1946 of 3 murders, including two women and a six-year-old child.

Heirens confessed to the murders, but only after being tortured, drugged with sodium pentothal and interrogated around the clock for six consecutive days. Within days of his confession, Heirens denied any responsibility.

Heirens was linked to the murders by an eye witness account as well as a police report claiming that his fingerprints matched a print discovered at the scene of the Frances Brown murder. Another fingerprint also allegedly connected him to the ransom note for the return of Suzanne Degnan – a child who was later found disembowled.

There remain many who question whether Heirens was guilty.

William Heirens died at the age of 83. At the time of his death, he had spent 65 years in prison.

You can find more information on Wikipedia or watch the documentary below:

 Edward NylanderOn April 1st 1977, Edward Nylander sent this photograph of himself to friends. His body was found ten days later in a cave in Colorado, sitting in the same pose as his photo, skull in lap. He had set himself on fire.

He told friends they could contact him from the beyond by meditating on his photo for three minutes at a time. ~The St. Petersburg Evening Independent, June 2nd 1977, Page 3A.

cropseyrevRealizing the urban legend of their youth has actually come true; two filmmakers delve into the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.

 Cropsey (2009) on IMDb

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poltergeistDuring the early hours of 1st November 2012, security staff monitoring CCTV at an office in Castlefield House on Liverpool Road, Manchester, witnessed a harrowing chain of events. This is the actual footage seen by those security guards as they flicked from camera to camera.

urlThis compilation of newly surfaced behind the scenes footage from the supernatural horror film The Exorcist is just as unsettling as the film itself. It features outtake footage revealing Jason Miller’s infamous reaction to being shot in the face with a concoction of Andersen’s pea soup and oatmeal. Lovely.

The footage also includes Blair crying at the end of a take after the rig around her midriff, which violently flung her around the bed, came loose and damaged her back. Her screams for help went ignored as “Please make it stop, it hurts!” was also the scene’s dialogue.

Elliot RodgerEdit: Elliot Rodger was a coward and a stain on society and this is the only way he should be remembered. He was a self-entitled, spoiled brat who threw his toys out of the cot when he did not get what he wanted. May his life be a warning to others – don’t spoil your kids, don’t give them life on a silver platter. Make them earn their own way. Hardship shapes character. Rant over.

On Friday, May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger used three 9mm semiautomatic handguns to go on a killing spree  in Isla Vista, California, killing 6 people and injuring 13. It is unclear at this time whether he took his own life or whether he was shot and killed by police. Before going on the rampage, he wrote an entire manifesto and recorded various videos in which he details his life of loneliness and frustration and openly speaks about his plans for mass murder. Creepy stuff. I have yet to go through his videos in detail, but from what I’ve seen – he seems to exhibit traits of narcissism and self-entitlement. Check out his videos and decide for yourself.

I will update this article in detail once the dust has settled and all the facts are clear. What is clear is that this was an extremely lonely individual that needed help, guidance and treatment. May the victims of this tragedy rest in peace and may their families be strong during these dark days.